Flickr – (links with your Yahoo Account) – Upload, view & share pictures. Flickr is one of the largest and most well known photography sites.

Picasa – (links with your GMail account) – This is both software you can download to your computer to organize photographs and a place to upload, view and share pictures online.

PhotoSynth – PhotoSynth allows you to take photos of a place or object and mash them together into one large overlapping collage. This is not a great explanation of PhotoSynth, so I’d suggest checking out an example.

Thursday – This is a large collection of 360 degree panoramic photographs. The photo taken from the top of Everest is one of my favorites.

Audacity – Today we started recording our speeches. The program we are using to record is Audacity. It is a great sound recording/editing tool that is completely free!

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Website of the Day

Ted Talks – Ted Talks is a collection of talks given at the annual Technology, Entertainment & Design Conference. It started in California, but now there are TEDx talks throughout the world. Some of the talks would not be suitable for the classroom because of their language or content, but there are a ton of educational and entertaining talks about a variety of topics.

Here is the talk we watched in class by Daivd Gallo:

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Here is the list of websites we’ve used for the “website of the day” dealing with digital storytelling.


50+ Ways to tell a Web 2.0 Story – Alan Levine – The two that we looked at specifically were Prezi (#63) and Yodio (#44). This is a huge list of digital tools to use to tell a story.


Aviary – Aviary is set of different tools you can use to edit or create pictures and to record or mix audio. We looked at recording and mixing audio and how it could be used to record a story or interview.

Next week we will still be working on our digital “speeches”. We will also work on some digital photography projects.

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Ignite Style Presentations

This week we are working on Ignite style presentations. In Ignite presentations, presenters get 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds for a total of a 5 minute presentation. Since this is our first time presenting in this form, we are only going to start with 5 slides.

Here are some resources you can use to help you prepare your presentation.

Ignite Phoenix Tips Slideshow

Ignite Website

Presentation Zen Blog

Ignite Wikipedia Page

Giving an Ignite Presentation Blog Post

Flickr CC Search

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Links From Today

Here are the links that we looked at today in class.

TravelPod IQ Game – Place the marker as close to the location listed as you can. The closer you are, the more points you get.

Stop Disasters Game – Choose a natural disaster then prepare a village for that disaster. Once the disaster hits it shows how well you prepared the village.

Statetris – Like tetris, but using states instead of blocks. Set your difficulty and put the states in their proper place.

Cathy’s Math – Online interactive math practice.

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Reading Buddies

On half-day Fridays, we have Reading Buddies with Ms. Mumford’s kindergarten class. Over these last few weeks we have taken a book they made and turned it into a VoiceThread. We are still working on it, so there will be audio comments on all of the pages within the next few weeks.

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Right Now!

The Right Now! section of the classroom blog is back online. If you click on the link on the top right labeled Right Now! you will be taken to a page with a picture of what is currently on our SmartBoard. If we have the screen capture program running it will show a new picture every 3 minutes. This program will not be running if we are doing any activities that might have student names and/or pictures on the board.

Feel free to stop by and see what we are up to!

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Computer Lab Links


Cathy’s Math –  Go Here – Click on Math Magic – Click on All Operations at the bottom. Put your name in. Find out how many you can get right in 5 minutes. Do this at least twice.

Rain Forest Math – Go here and check out the probability and input-output sections under 6th grade.

Other Links:

Google Maps – Go here and check out the Street View’s. See how close you can get to your house or the school. (Start Street Views by clicking on Street View on the top right of the map. Drag the little yellow guy onto the blue roads)

Google Mars – Go check out images of mars put together a lot like Google Earth.

Flickr Search – Flickr search for California Wildfires. You can click on Most Recent, or Most Interesting.

Suns Stats – Percentages and statistics from last season. Look for decimals and percents and how that information was found.

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Links for Computer Lab

Rain Forest Math – Go here and check out some of the neat math games you can play.

Cricket Market VoiceThread –  Pictures and voice from the Cricket Market in Shanghai, China.

CNN Student News – Watch news made for students.

Writers Room – Pictures of where writers write. Writers offices with a written description by the writer.

Cathy’s Math – Math practice online. This one is timed and FUN!

Interactive Math Activities Index – This has a bunch of fun interactive math activities and games that you can play by yourself or against the computer.

Wiki Mind Maps –  The Wikipedia mapper I showed you in class.

Also Check out the other Computer Lab Links.

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