Spring Break

Have a good spring break. Check this site and the main site for links and activities this week. I’m going to try and upload some stuff, but I’m going to the state Educational Technology Conferences Monday – Wednesday so I’m not sure if anything will get put up.

Remember that your homework is expressions for each day (through spring break) in March and to read!

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  • tim madden says:

    Mr. W,

    Hey, I see that you have switched out of Edublogs. I imagine that this has to do with the ads.

    I admire your blog efforts. You provide inspiration to mine as well, I am sure, other folks in the blogosphere.

    So, can you share what you are doing here? Are you hosting yourself? Are you using Joomla? It is just that I am considering moving on as well, and if you don’t mind sharing, well, that’d be swell.

    Thanks either way in advance,
    Tim Madden

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