Truncated Tetrahedron

Today in class we made truncated tetrahedrons. If you would like to make your own, you can find the directions here –  Truncated Tetrahedron.

Below is a video showing how to fold the truncated tetrahedron. If you make 20 truncated tetrahedrons, you can put them together to form a geodesic dome!

Truncated Tetrahedron from J.D. Williams on Vimeo.

I found this lesson on Dan Meyer’s blog here.

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Math Slides from this week

Here are the Math Slides from this week. They don’t fill the screen like they do in the SmartBoard software on here, so I’d suggest clicking on the Slideshare icon on the bottom right, then view the full screen option. I’ll work on making them look better on here next time.

Use them to supplement your notes and fix any parts you might have missed.

9.1 – Geometry (Monday)

9.2 – Angles (Tuesday)

9.3 – Classifying Angles (Wednesday)

9.4 – Classifying Triangles (Thursday)

9.5 – Classifying Quadrilaterals (Friday)

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