Interview a Professional – Architect


Boone Nolte is an architect employed by the firm Locati Architects in Bozeman, Montana.

What university did you attend? How long did it take? Why did you choose that university?

I attended Montana State University. I received my Masters Degree in Architecture in 5 years. I chose MSU because it had a great architecture program, labeled “Best in the West” and because I love the state of Montana. It is a great place for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing.

How do you make “work” fun?

One way I keep my work environment fun and exciting is by finding a topic that deals with my job (i.e. new “green” building materials) and learning about those topics through research on the Internet, books, or by visiting a new building that may have used those materials in their designs. The key for me is to break through the day to day routine of a job by learning new things all the time.

What do you like about your job?

I like my job because I am in the field twice a week meeting with clients, contractors, and other groups that are involved with the design and building of our projects. I get to work with many types of people and am involved with the project from the day it started to the day the client moves in.

What types of buildings have you designed?

I have designed high end residential projects. The homes we design are all one of a kind custom homes that fit the client’s needs and tastes.

What are your career goals?

My main career goal is to keep working hard at what I do. That way when the time is right I can open my own firm and branch out to different types of design.

Who are your favorite architects? What do you admire about their work?

My favorite architect is Richard Meier. The reason I like Richard Meier is because he developed his own style of architecture and was able to do projects he enjoyed. His work is unlike any other architects right down to the color of the buildings. He is also not afraid to put his design out into the public eye even though it is so different from other architects work.

What was your favorite studio project or architectural class in school? Why?

I enjoyed my thesis project the most. The reason I liked this project was because I was able to pick a topic (adaptive reuse) and design a building that would showcase that topic and my ideas best. It is always more enjoyable to work on something you are interested in rather then what your professor likes.

If I wanted to become an architect, what (as a 6th grader now) do you think I should do?

Becoming an architect is not a difficult thing to do if you work hard in school and are not afraid to try new things. I believe that new experiences are stepping stones that you follow through life. The path can be as fun and exciting as you want it to be, with each bend or turn becoming a learning experience.

Thank you Mr. Nolte for taking the time to answer our questions!

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Interview a Professional – Sports Agent

 Jordan Robinson – Managing Partner – GRV Sports Agency



Jordan Robinson is a sports agent with GRV Sports Agency based out of Orlando, Florida. Recently he was kind enough to answer interview questions for us. Below are the questions and his answers.


Why did you become a sports agent?
Jordan Robinson – I became a sports agent because I am very passionate about sports and about helping others. I have always loved playing sports since I was a little kid and I even got a chance to play basketball at the collegiate level. Since I wasn’t good enough to play sports professionally, I knew I could use my sports knowledge and my drive to make others happy by becoming a sports agent.

What do you do in a typical day, week, or month?
JR – A typical day for me involves talking to all of my clients to make sure they have everything that they need and to make sure they are content with where they are at. Also, my partners and I will travel around to various colleges and ballparks and try to meet players and coaches and let people know that our agency is ready to help anyone who needs it.

How did you get started as an agent? What kind of training/school?
JR – Just like anyone who wants to start their own company, starting a sports agency takes a lot of time and hard work. In order to represent players in certain leagues, such as the National Football League, you need to have achieved certain requirements and take a lot of tests. I went to 4 years of college, 2 at Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois and 2 at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. I then went to 3 years of Law School at Barry University School of Law in Orlando Florida and passed the Florida Bar Exam in July 2007.

Who do you work with?
JR – A good friend of mine who I met in Law School and another buddy of ours started up our agency now known as GRV Sports Agency. The GRV stands for all three of our last names. Gropp, Robinson, and Vrska.

What do you feel is the most important part of your job?
JR – I feel the most important part of my job is helping others be as happy as they can be. My job all depends on the success and happiness of my clients. If a player of mine is not happy, then I’m not happy.

What is your favorite sports memory? What is your favorite part of your job?
JR – I have a few favorite sports memories. One would be that in a college basketball game I got a chance to play at then end of the game when time was running out and we were down by 2. I ended up getting the ball with 3 seconds left and I fired up a 3 pointer with a defender right in my face trying to block my shot. I made the basket as time expired and my team won the game. It was a great memory and an even better shot!

Also, I attended a summer camp in Eagle River, Wisconsin called Camp Ojibwa which was primarily a sports camp with very intense competition for 8 weeks. For the last week of camp everyone is divided up into 12 colleges and drafted like any professional sports draft. My last year as a camper I was drafted at the 7th pick of the 1st round which made me the captain of my team. We ended up winning the week long competition which is called Collegiate Week. I will never forget that day. People go to this camp for their entire lives and never get a chance to win, so that was a very exciting time for me.

My favorite part of my job is getting to meet so many interesting people and athletes.

Thank you for your time and good luck to everyone!


Thank you Jordan for taking time to answer our questions. We will try and get an interview up once a week for the rest of the school year. Next week we will be interviewing an architect.

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