Wall Wisher Study Guide

Here is a link to the 12A study guide videos made by you and your classmates. Your homework is to watch the videos so you know how to solve that type of problem. I would suggest taking notes on your study guide because you can use it while you are testing.

Saxon Lesson 61

Fill in your warm ups at:

Take notes during the video and complete the Practice Set by pausing the video or using the online book at:

Saxon Math Lesson 39

Here is the lesson 39 video!

Direct Link:

Saxon Lesson 38

Here is the video for Wednesday nights homework! TAKE NOTES!

Direct Link:

Saxon Lesson 37

Here is the video for your homework!

Direct Link:

Saxon Lesson 36

Here is Saxon Lesson 36. Your homework is to watch this video before class on Tuesday!

Direct Link:

Math Review in Computer Lab

Here are some links to try for math review in the computer lab:

Minute of Multiplication Integer Practice -

Minute of Division Integer Practice -

Integer Football -

Hooda Math – 6 integer games -

Line Jumper -

Nasty Negatives -





Here is a link to the video:

Here is a link to a website that has more information and some templates to use:

Math Practice for 4-25

Try these math practice links. They are example problems from content we have covered in class this week:

Percents –

Fractions –

Extensions and preparation for next year –

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