The Surveys below should create a personalized Google Document that has links to video and/or text instructions on how to use specific Google Tools. Many of the videos are linked from the G Suite Training Chrome Extension, so that must be installed to view the videos.

The Google Education Training Center for Level 1 & 2 goes over how to use many Google Tools within a classroom setting to engage in professional growth and leadership, increase efficiency and save time, and inspire student learning and creativity. The Personalized Document created below will show you how to do specific tasks with Google Tools so that you can effectively integrate them into your classroom.

The “I can” statements are taken from Eric Curts Google Skills Checklist. You should receive an email within an hour with your Personalized Document(s).

Level 1

Survey 1 – Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms

Survey 2 – Slides, Classroom, Gmail, Calendar

Survey 3 – Groups, Hangouts, Tasks, Keep, Sites

Survey 4 – Chrome, Search, YouTube

Other Resources:
G Suite Training Chrome Extension
Google Education Training Center
Eric Curts – Google Skills Checklist