We have our next district benchmark test at the end of this month. We did not do well on our last test. We are doing some things differently in class over the next few weeks to prepare us for the benchmark tests.

In the classroom, students are in one of three groups. One group works on review, one works on new content with me, and the third group works on new content using video players. Students will change groups each day and work through each of the three group assigments. The fourth and fifth days of the week will be used for whole class instruction, review and testing.

Review Group
The review group uses their Galieleo test scores to choose the state standard and performance objectives that the student did not meet or exceed. Students then work on a review lesson about that material. The review lesson consists of a paper that they need to read that explains the performance objective to them and gives them example problems. After the example problems there are practice problems for the student to work on. After the student has finished the practice problems, they can take a test on http://www.ati-online.com (Student Center, Log-in, Click on Assignments on the top). Each week there will be multiple tests available to every student. Any student can try these online assigments/assessments, even if they were already meeting or exceeding on that performance objective. This group is very self-directed. Students can do as much or as little review as they feel necessary. There will be strict consequences for disturbing other students in this group.

Direct Instruction Group
The direct instruction group works with me on new content. This week we are working on Geometry and Solid Figures. Students have an activity to complete, a note-taking assignment, then a homework sheet. This group works through these activities/assigments with the teacher. This mode of instruction is where most of the slide shows that will be shared on the front of our class page come from. They will be uploaded so that students can review the content.

Video Group
Recently some MP3/Video players were purchases with school money for our classroom. We have 10 of these players in the room. The video group will watch a video on new content (Geometry & Solids this week) while answering questions about the content. Most of the videos will come from Discovery Streaming. If you would like the class user name and password to access this site, please call or email me at the school. I can not link or embedd the videos in the class website because of copyright issues.

This Week:


Direct Instruction Group – Solid Figures. Students will identify and name solid figures. The slide show will be uploaded on the class website later this week.

Video Group – “Discovering Math – Grades 6 – 8 – Geometry” – From methods of geometric construction to three-dimensional figures to properties of triangles to representations and transformations, this video introduces middle school students to more advanced properties and concepts of geometry.

Parents, if you have any questions about the work we are doing in class, feel free to email me at the school, call, or stop by and say hello!

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