Flickr – (links with your Yahoo Account) – Upload, view & share pictures. Flickr is one of the largest and most well known photography sites.

Picasa – (links with your GMail account) – This is both software you can download to your computer to organize photographs and a place to upload, view and share pictures online.

PhotoSynth – PhotoSynth allows you to take photos of a place or object and mash them together into one large overlapping collage. This is not a great explanation of PhotoSynth, so I’d suggest checking out an example.

Thursday – This is a large collection of 360 degree panoramic photographs. The photo taken from the top of Everest is one of my favorites.

Audacity – Today we started recording our speeches. The program we are using to record is Audacity. It is a great sound recording/editing tool that is completely free!

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