Here are some random things that I have been using or working on over the last couple of weeks.


Video Starters for PD: I like to start off our professional developments with some sort of video that is hopefully applicable to our classrooms or school culture, but aren’t “school” videos. Here are a couple that we have used or are planning on using.

Everyday Leadership – Drew Dudley


The Science of Happiness – Soul Pancake

Snap Your Joy – Soul Pancake


Sites I have Bookmarked: – This website syncs with your Google Drive account and lets you take time stamped notes while watching a video. This could be really good for students that want to take notes while watching a video in a flipped classroom model.

– This is a script that can be run on a Google Drive Spreadsheet that creates three folders in students GAFE accounts. It allows the teacher to share files with students (and students to share files with the teacher) without having all of the email notifications that go along with it. Our GAFE accounts do not have gmail enabled, so students are not able to receive notifications. They are able to send out notifications when they share with teachers though, so the teacher ends up with a ton of notifications.

Presentations Presented:
During our half-day professional development I showed K-2 and specials teachers how to create QR codes to use with the iPad carts.

I have been doing short demos in 3 – 8th grade classrooms on how to use the Chromebooks, how to use Google Drive, and how to use gClassFolders to share within Google Drive.

I also gave a 2 hour presentation for teachers on using Google Drive with Students. Unfortunately I scheduled this last year and didn’t realize that it was during Parent – Teacher Conference week. It was not very well attended, but I will share the slides I used below.

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