This is a repost of the first blog entry last year. We talked about this in class on Wednesday (1/31/07).

This week lessons 5 and 30 would be good review.
We have also covered almost all the other lessons this year.
I think I need to update this list!
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Lesson Number Description of the Lesson      
2 Lines of Symmetry      
5,6,7,8 Acute Triangles        
10 Supplementary & Complementary Angles  
12,13,14 Perimeter and Area      
18 Coordinate Geometry      
26,28 Properties of 2D Objects      
30,31,32 Isosceles Triangles      
40,41,42 Parallel Lines        
44,45,46 Perimeter        
49,50,51 Perpendicular Lines      
58,59,60 Transformations (Slides)      

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