Chapter 1 Audio Presentations

I’m excited about this. It is the first time I’m trying to put up audio versions of my presentations so please excuse my umm’s and ahh’s as it plays.

Here are the presentations from Chapter 1.1 & 1.2 with audio narations. These will be great if you miss a day or just want to review what we went over. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to put these up like this, but I’ll try to keep up with it during the year. I’ll be sending a letter home sometime this week (and also posting here on our class website) showing how to download these presentations into iTunes and put them on to a video iPod.

Above each presentation is a link to the guided notes we used in class.

1.1 – Place Value
1.1 Place Value Notes

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1.2 – Estimation
1.2 Estimation Notes

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Math Slides from this week

Here are the Math Slides from this week. They don’t fill the screen like they do in the SmartBoard software on here, so I’d suggest clicking on the Slideshare icon on the bottom right, then view the full screen option. I’ll work on making them look better on here next time.

Use them to supplement your notes and fix any parts you might have missed.

9.1 – Geometry (Monday)

9.2 – Angles (Tuesday)

9.3 – Classifying Angles (Wednesday)

9.4 – Classifying Triangles (Thursday)

9.5 – Classifying Quadrilaterals (Friday)

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