I sent a paper home during the last parent-teacher conference about a Math Review. If you have high-speed Internet, this is a great site to check out. It has animations with sound/speech about different math concepts.

Click Here for the Site –

Click on Grades 6-8
Click on Math Active
Click on Grade 6

Lesson Number Description of the Lesson      
2 Lines of Symmetry      
5,6,7,8 Acute Triangles        
10 Supplementary & Complementary Angles  
12,13,14 Perimeter and Area      
18 Coordinate Geometry      
26,28 Properties of 2D Objects      
30,31,32 Isosceles Triangles      
40,41,42 Parallel Lines        
44,45,46 Perimeter        
49,50,51 Perpendicular Lines      
58,59,60 Transformations (Slides)      


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