May 29, 2006

On Tuesday (5/30/06) we will be working with Tangrams. Tangrams are 7 “puzzle pieces” that can be put together to make shapes.

Here are some useful Tangram Links:
Tangram Grid – A printable .pdf grid of Tangram pieces.
Tangram Movies – Why Run?Soccer
NCTM – Puzzle like Problems with Tangrams
134 Tangram Puzzles – (.pdf file – You need Acrobat Reader to view this file)
Tangram Puzzles – A large list of puzzles split in to categories

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7 thoughts on “Tangrams”
  1. Alli, Tangrams are part of our Geometry curriculum. I actually remember using them when I was in school too, but we didn’t get to use them until 7th & 8th Grade.

    We did other geometry things earlier in the year. I just recently found the Tangram pieces hidden in the back of my closet, so I figured we would use them.

  2. Hey Mr.Williams last day of skool has come and well math was fun i fell asleep a couple of times lol! see you next year!~!

  3. Hi Mr.Williams I hope you are having a good summer and you really made math fun for me this year. THANX!!!!

  4. Mr.Williams
    have you noticed that we learn stuff before you did
    why did that change at all

    well its just a matter of time

  5. you can lecture me about being up at 5 am when borng ole school comes along in life

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