Earth Spelling

Using geoGreeting! you can use the earth to spell messages. It uses buildings from around the world in the shape of letters. It puts a placemark on the map to show you where the “letter” came from. It even makes a webpage that you can link to or send out in email messages so anyone can view what you’ve made.

Here is the link for the picture below:
earth spelling

Want to practice your spelling words for next week?

Unexpected spellings
doubt, fascinate, science, scenic, autumn, column, guilty,
league, guardian, disguise, subtle, debt, reminiscent,
descent, condemn, solemn, guidance, vague, fatigue, intrigue

This week there will not be any bonus words. You can get your three extra points by making a geoGreetings of at least three words. Email it to me, or put the link in a Word File in the class folder (name the file as your name). We’ll talk about this more before computer lab on Thursday.


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  1. Mr.williams,
    This is robert in mrs. bridges class. The earth spelling program is really cool. See ya later!

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