None of the slide shows are showing up on our class blog right now. I’m in the process of fixing that.

Edublogs changed the way that certain types of files are linked. They let me know quite awhile ago that this would happen, but I thought I had them linked in a way that would still work. I was wrong, so I’m in the process of getting them all linked back up.

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One thought on “Slide Shows are down right now”
  1. Hi Mr. Williams. I just wanted to let you know, I learned about slideshare from stumbling upon your site. It’s exactly the kind of site I was hoping to create for my classes. In fact, I wanted to this past year have my kids all create a YouTube type entry for a lesson in math and eventually post a creative (completely up to them) way to teach each skill we need to learn and have it on a website like this so students can refer to it anytime they want/need to. Before your site, I’d seen so many teacher websites, but nothing really floated my boat. So thanks. Taleese (teach 6th grade math)

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