Using Goobric to grade writing with the AzMERIT rubrics

  1. Use the Chrome browser and have an assignment in Google Classroom or Google Drive that can be graded with the AzMERIT (or any writing/project) rubric. Students need to have at least opened the assignment for you to be able to grade it.
  2. Save the appropriate rubric to your own drive. You should only have to do this step one time. The rubrics can be found here: – There is also a document with these directions in this shared folder.
  3. Create a new Spreadsheet in your Google Drive – I would name it the same as the assignment in Google Classroom.
  4. Install and run the Doctopus Add On. You should only have to install the add on one time. It will show up in your add ons after the initial installation.
  5. Launch the Doctopus Add On.
  6. On the dropdowns on the right side select “Ingest Google CR assignment”, then select your class, then select your assignment and click the Ingest Assignment button.
  7. Click Attach Goobric button on the right side.
  8. If this is your first time using Doctopus and Goobric, install the Goobric Extension and Authorize the Web App. Click the Select your Rubric button.
  9. Search for the appropriate rubric and click Attach Goobric to this Assignment.
  10. Click on the link to the students writing in column H. Once it is open, click on the Goobric icon in the omnibar.
  11. This opens the student document in a new window. The AzMERIT rubric is in the top frame. Put rubric scores across the top and a comment can be added to the right.
  12. When the grading is completed, hit the submit button under comments. This will attach the rubric to the students document with the correct sections highlighted. It also updates the spreadsheet with the score.
  13. To only see the rubric scores, click on the rubricScores sheet in the spreadsheet.

A video that shows most of these steps for a different rubric can be watched here:


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