This blog was set up so that anyone could comment on posts and they would be available immediately.

Due to the actions of one person that is no longer available. Comments must now be approved by me before they are seen by everyone. This could mean it would take more time to get an answer to a question.

I have put up this website to be helpful. If you want to post comments that are inappropriate and not helpful, I would rather you don’t use this website.

Commenting is a way to communicate with me about the posts that are up, and questions you have about information we have covered in class. Now one person has runied that for everyone by using language that shows an inability to communicate like a responsible, educated person.

Parents, please monitor your childrens’ Internet usage.

The following websites may help:

Cox Communications Internet Tools

AOL Parental Controls

IamBigBrother – Internet Monitoring Software

CYBERSitter – Internet Monitoring Software

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  1. whats up Mr. williams i just noticed that google earth wpould be awesome on the smart board

    you know im weird now that i looked up sine and left this

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