I have been updating the Links and added a Homework section to the top of this blog.

The Links section is a list of good websites for review of content. It has educational (and very fun) games, video tutorials, etc.

The Homework section will (hopefully) be updated on nearly a daily basis with the assignments from that day.

These sections can be accessed by clicking on the links above the picture on the top of the page.

This week a SmartBoard was installed inĀ our classroom. This incredible piece of technology turns our whiteboard into a touch-screen computer. We can access any of the software on the computer in front of the classroom, write & draw on it to take notes, and save everything for later review. It is very interactive, and the students in my class are already enjoying it and picking up on how it works at an improbable speed. I am very excited about the possibilities this technology brings. Eight SmartBoards have been installed throughout the school.

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